Certificate in Economic Theory and Quantitative Methods


The department offers this certificate to students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics (as of fall 2014).  The development of modern economics relies substantially on quantitative methods, thus a serious knowledge in statistics and mathematics is essential to a successful performance in further studies.  Such preparation is also becoming increasingly relevant for careers in business administration, finance, operations research, demography, and government.

*These are the certificate requirements for those admitted in fall 2014 or later.  For BA and BS majors admitted prior to fall 2014 and are working towards this certificate, please use this application.


Students interested in this certificate are required to take one year of college calculus (MATH 124,125,126 or equivalent).

To qualify for the certificate, students must complete two advanced theory courses as follows:

  • ECON 400 – Advanced Topics in Microeconomics
  • ECON 401 – Advanced Topics in Macroeconomics

Students must also complete two courses chosen from the following list:

  • ECON 405 – Analytical Framework for Policy and Decisions
  • ECON 415 –  Study Abroad (if content is relevant and adviser approved)
  • ECON 424 – Computational Finance & Financial Econometrics
  • ECON 426 – Advanced Financial Economics
  • ECON 482 – Econometric Methods
  • ECON 483 – Applied Econometric Modeling
  • ECON 484 – Econometrics and Data Science
  • ECON 485 – Game Theory with Applications to Economics
  • ECON 486 – Economics of Information

Students must earn a grade point average of at least 3.3 for all four classes.

Getting the Application

To apply, complete the application for the Certificate in Economic Theory and Quantitative Methods. If you prefer, copies of the application are available from the advising office in Savery Hall, room 305.

Application for those admitted prior to Fall 2014
Application for those admitted Autumn 2014 or later

When you have completed the four classes, fill out the application and return it with a UW unofficial transcript to:

Advising Office, Department of Economics
Box 353330
Savery 305
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

Please print your name clearly as you wish it to appear and include your permanent mailing address. Certificates are not printed on a regular schedule so there may be some delay between your date of graduation and receipt of your certificate.