New Economics & Data Science Certificate 


The Department of Economics is delighted to announce a new certificate program, in partnership with the Professional & Continuing Education of UW, the Economics & Data Science Certificate. This program is focused toward technical professionals with an economics background, and business economists who would like to enter the field of data science. The application is currently open for prospective students, and classes will start this upcoming fall quarter.

Tech is a growing field for economists. In the last decade or so, employers like Amazon and Microsoft have hired economists at an increasing rate because of their ability to model and analyze data. Today, tech makes up the second largest employer for economists, after Universities. Certificates like this one help hone the skills of someone with an economics background, but who do not wish to go through the process of getting their PhD.

The Economics & Data Science Certificate is a three-course program to be completed over one academic year. The course covers the fundamentals of data science tools and methodologies and how to apply them to large economic data sets and analyze a wide range of business problems. Students will use Python and R to understand, manage, and visualize big data. In addition, students will learn how to apply machine learning tools for predictive analysis and statistical methods for causal inference that are routinely used for economic analysis at research institutions, government agencies, major tech companies, and retailers.

The Economics & Data Science Certificate program is now accepting applications until August 15, apply here.

In addition to this program, the department is in the process of developing a professional Master’s degree in Economics & Data Science. This degree program would build on the courses presented in the certificate program, but delve deeper into the coursework. Our department is working with contacts within Amazon, Microsoft, and other local tech employers who would be interested in hiring program graduates.

Thank you to our partners at the Professional & Continuing Education of UW for making this program a possibility.