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Graduate Student
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Primary Fields: Labor Economics, Public Finance, Health Economics
Secondary Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Regional Economics
Job Market Paper: Geographical Proximity, Informal Care, and Inter-vivos Transfer
Dissertation: Essays on Intergenerational Transfer and Living Arrangement
References: Neil Bruce (co-chair), Robert Plotnick (co-chair), Rachel HeathJennifer Romich
Graduate Student
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Primary Fields: Education Economics, Labor Economics
Secondary Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Behavioral Economics
Job Market Paper: Perceived Ability’s Continuing Impact on Labor Market Outcomes
Dissertation: The Impact of Identity and Self-Perception on Labor Market Outcomes
References: Yoram Barzel (chair), Mark LongClaus Portner
Graduate Student , 319F
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Primary Field: International Finance, Empirical Time-Series
Secondary Field: Empirical Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: Imperfect Proxies for Market Expectations and the ‘Exchange Rate Disconnect Puzzle’ (abstract)

Dissertation: Essays on the Puzzles in International Finance
References: Chang-jin Kim (co-chair), Yu-chin Chen (co-chair), Ji Hyung LeeEric Zivot
Graduate Student
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Primary Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Econometrics, Labor Economics
Secondary Fields: Microeconomics, Economic Development, Industrial Organization

Job Market Paper: 
Estimating the Effects of Family Relocation on Children’s Education and Youth Risky Behavior (abstract | paper)
Dissertation: Three Essays on Family Economics
References: Rachel Heath (co-chair), Seik Kim (co-chair), Judith ThorntonHaideh Salehi-Esfahani (teaching)