Add Code Requests Policy

Each quarter, the demand grows for spaces in Department of Economics courses amidst a limited supply of spaces. As a result, the Faculty of the Department of Economics has adopted a policy regarding requests for add codes (or entry codes) for the courses.

Please see the policies below for details.

Add Code Requests Policy (effective Winter Quarter 2012):

  • Add codes requests will not be considered until the first week of class, for each academic quarter.
  • To request an add code, students are required to attend the first day of class and sign up for consideration on the Add Code Request Sheet provided by the course instructor.
  • Within 24-48 hours, the advisers will verify the prerequisites and other information preferred by the course instructor.
  • With this information, the instructor will make the ultimate recommendation on which students are approved for add codes.
  • Add codes will be distributed from the Economics Advising Office, by the permission of the course instructor, via email. Students may use the add code in their MyUW Web Registration Services.


  • If a student has not received an email with an add code by the end of the first week of the quarter, it can be assumed that the student was not approved to receive an add code by the course instructor. Students may contact the course instructor for confirmation.
  • Students not currently declared in an Economics major will not be considered for an add code, unless the course is an approved requirement for another major (e.g. ACMS: Mathematical Economics Option, Statistics, Political Science: Political Economy Option, Geography, College of Engineering, Program on the Environment, etc.). Students in these programs may email during Registration Period 2.
  • Add code requests to the advisers or instructors prior to the start of the quarter may not be considered, and students will be referred to the instructions outlined above.
  • Add codes will not be available for “large lectures” (50+ spaces) such as ECON 200A, ECON 201 A, etc. No overload requests will be fulfilled for these classes if they are filled/closed by the start of the quarter.
  • Any misconduct or misuse of add codes will result in immediate dismissal from the course, and possible disciplinary action with the Department of Economics Undergraduate Committee.