Health and Safety Information

Economics faculty, staff, graduate students and visitors are required to be familiar with the following plans:

Important department safety information:

  • Our first aid kit is located in Savery Hall, Room 305.
  • Incident/Accident report forms are available in Savery Hall, Room 305 or online.
  • Do not use the elevators during an emergency evacuation.
  • The evacuation assembly point is the Quad lawn, southeast of Savery Hall.

Campus safety and emergency resources:

  • UW Alert: Sign up for notifications of emergencies or crisis situations that may disrupt the normal operation of the UW.
  • SafeCampus: Counseling and safety resources, university policies and violence reporting requirements.
  • Emergency Management: Disaster planning, training, mitigation, response, prevention and recovery.
  • Environmental Health & Safety: Addressing environmental issues in order to provide a safe educational and work place on campus