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On Friday, May 18th, over 1,200 students gathered to participate in the 2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium. This annual symposium gives students a chance to present their research to a larger audience, and provides a forum for students and faculty to discuss cutting edge research.
Each year, 100 students are chosen to be part of the Husky 100, which spans all three campuses, includes both undergraduate and graduate students, and covers all areas of study. Students are chosen for this honor for making the most of their time at the UW. The Department of Economics is thrilled to announce that three of our outstanding undergraduate students have been selected as part of the Husky 100. Each student has written a little something about themselves.
The Department of Economics is delighted to announce the selections of alumnus Jeff Roe, BA ’88, as the 2018 Economics Distinguished Alumnus. Roe joins an impressive group of alumni whose professional achievements and cumulative contributions have brought personal distinction, enhanced the profession, improved the welfare of the general public, and brought honor to the department and the UW.
In this year's Nobel Prize in Economics lecture, Associate Professors Yu-chin Chen and Chris Anderson consider the work of 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics Laureate Richard H Thaler (University of Chicago), who was awarded "for his contributions to behavioural economics" and whose research has shown how human traits systematically affect individual decisions as well as market outcomes. Nobel Prize LectureMay 8th, 2018 at 6:30PMUW Faculty Club, Yukon Pacific Room
The Department of Economics is delighted to announce that Professor Yuya Takahashi has accepted our offer to join us as a tenure-track assistant professor starting Fall Quarter 2018.