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Theresa Henry
Fourth-year PhD student Theresa Henry will be taking an eight-month break from her research and teaching later this year to wander across three continents and through eight countries as a recipient of the 2017 Bonderman Travel Fellowship.
Reem Sabha
Economics major Reem Sabha has a great sense of humor – especially for a student of the so-called “dismal science.” At a recent event for the Economics Undergraduate Mentorship Program, in which she has participated as a mentee for two years, she gave a talk to current and prospective mentors about the impact her participation in the program has had on her personal and professional goals. 
Fisheries economists from the world over converged last week on La Paz in Southern Baja California, Mexico, for the biennial North American Association of Fisheries Economists (NAAFE) 2017 Forum, The Economics of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Seafood Trade: Managing the Socio-Ecology of Sustainable Marine Resource Use. Of the four graduate student awards given at the Forum, two were awarded to UW Economics students – a strong showing for our graduate program and its emphasis on natural resource economics. 
Nobel Prize Medal
In this year's Nobel Prize in Economics lecture, Professors Fahad Khalil and Jacques Lawarree will consider the work of 2016 Nobel Prize in Economics Laureates Oliver Hart (Harvard) and Bengt Holmstrom (MIT), who were awarded "for their contributions to contract theory" and whose research sheds light on how contracts help people deal with conflicting interests.
The Department of Economics extends hearty congratulations to the three recipients of the 2017-2018 Grover and Creta Ensley Graduate Fellowship in Economics: Guillermo Gallacher, Byunghoon Nam, and Jagori Saha.