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    Rebecca Bloom and Maria Mackey Gunn, of Vulcan Inc., with the women's group founder Christina Tapia in front of Suzzallo Library. Photo: Kate Killpack, 2016
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  • kickoff 2016
    UW Economics undergraduates and alumni mentors at a networking event, October 2016
  • Women in Economics
    "FRB Credit Risk Model Reviews: Two Quants’ Perspective", Yelena Takhtamanova, Senior Risk Specialist Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and Alexandra Onosova, Senior Risk Specialist, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, June 2016
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  • Worksite visit at Badgley Phelps Wealth Managers
    Worksite visit at Badgley Phelps Wealth Managers

The UW Women in Economics group was established in 2013 to address topics of interest to women studying or working in economics-related fields. The group seeks to raise awareness of common issues and provide networking and professional development opportunities. Together, we aim to:

  • Expand opportunities for women in economics
  • Provide networking opportunities and a community to discuss common issues
  • Explore and support research of interest to women in economics
  • Promote and encourage diversity in the field of economics

UW Women in Economics Board Members

UW Women in Economics (WiE) is run by alumni and student board members in partnership with the UW Department of Economics.

Alumni Board Members:
Christina Tapia, PhD '09, Founder and Co-chair
Eileen Wang, BS '01, Co-chair
Reem Sabha, BS '17, Co-chair
Olga Yang, BA '82  
Gerilyn Denny, BA '83
Krisztina Nagy, PhD '11

Student Board Members:
Kathryn Ackman
Serine Alsifyani
Genevieve Avalani
Nina Cao
Prakriti Dahiya
Zoe McPhail
Shruti Singh
Nalin Udomsak
Jeru Wang

Faculty Advisers:
Michelle Turnovsky, Judith Thornton (emerita)


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Please send feedback and suggestions to Christina Tapia (ctapia@uw.edu)


Learn more about diversity in the Department of Economics
Undergraduate Women in Economics Project (Claudia Goldin, Harvard) 
CSWEP: Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession

Past Events

We want to hear from you on how to best serve our community. Please send feedback and suggestions to Christina Tapia (ctapia@uw.edu).

Past Events have included:

  • Workplace Visits (with lunch and speaker) at firms in technology, finance, and wealth management.
  • Keynote speakers from the Federal Reserve, World Bank, CSWEP (Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession), and alumni speakers.
  • Career Fair Strategies for Economics Majors
  • Networking/Social Events, “Mix and Mingle”
  • Resume Review