Research: Books/Chapters


Selected faculty books and chapters since 2010

Robert Halvorsen (forthcoming). Research review: The economics of nonrenewable resources in Robert Halvorsen (ed.) The Economics of Nonrenewable Resources. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Rachel Heath and Seema Jayachandran (forthcoming). The causes and consequences of increased female education and labor force participation in developing countries in Susan L. Averett, Laura M. Arygs, and Saul D. Hoffamn (eds.) Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Women. New York: Oxford University Press.

Robert Halvorsen and David F. Layton (eds.) (2015). Handbook on the Economics of Natural Resources. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Eugene Silberberg and Gregory M. Ellis (2013). Principles of Microeconomics (7th Ed.). Boston: Pearson.

Judith Thornton (2013). Regional challenges: The case of Siberia in Michael Alexeev and Shlomo Weber (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of the Russian Economy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Yu-chin Chen, Kenneth Rogoff and Barbara Rossi (2011). Predicting agri-commodity prices: An asset pricing approach in B. Munier (ed.) Global Uncertainty and the Volatility of Agricultural Commodities Prices.

Jacques Lawarrée, Guang Li, and Chen-Ching Liu (2011). State-of-the-art of electricity price forecasting in a grid environment in Steffen Rebennack, Mario V. F. Pereira, Panos M. Pardalos, Niko A. Iliadis (eds.) Handbook of Power Systems II. Berlin: Springer.