Graduate Application Procedure & Forms

Note: The TOEFLiBT is required for most international applicants. (Please see below in the Admission Requirements section for more details.)

Deadline - December 15

The Department admits students for Autumn quarter only each year. All international and domestic application materials must be received by December 15. If possible, international applicants should try to submit their application materials earlier than this deadline to allow additional time for processing.


Admission Requirements

All prospective applicants should read the following link: Admission Requirements before applying. Here you will find information about Prerequisite Courses, the Graduate Record Examination, and the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Admission Procedures and Forms

Once you have read through the Admission Requirements information, continue reading for information on how to apply, application checklists and mailing addresses.

The Department of Economics is striving to build a culturally diverse student body and strongly encourages applications from women and minority applicants.

All Applicants – Please read the Admission Requirements section of the Graduate Program website before applying.

How to Apply

1. Application for Admission to the Graduate School

Applications for graduate study must be submitted online. To begin an application, use this link: Web Application.

2. Application Fee

The application fee is $85. Please note that in order to use the Web application, you must pay the fee online using a MasterCard or Visa card. Both credit and debit cards are accepted.

3. Supplemental Application for the Department of Economics

The online application contains a supplemental application form, which can be completed as a “fillable” pdf form. We strongly prefer that you use this method. However, if you are not able to complete the pdf online, you can download the Supplemental Economics Application Form (PDF), print it out, scan the completed form and email it to

4. GRE scores

For the 2022-23 admission cycle only, submitting a GRE score is optional. If you do choose to submit a score, ask ETS to send your valid score to UW using institution code 4854. No departmental code is needed.

5. Transcripts

All applicants: upload an unofficial transcript for each post-secondary institution as part of the online application (these must be full transcripts, not quarterly grade reports, but can be either scanned versions of official transcripts or unofficial versions available from your school’s website). NOTE – Please do not mail official paper transcripts with your application. If you are offered admission and choose to accept the offer, you will be required to submit an official transcript later to the UW Graduate School for one or more of your institutions (you will be notified which transcripts you must send).

6. Official TOEFLiBT scores

All non-exempt international students: ask ETS to forward your score reports to the University of Washington using institution code 4854. No departmental code is required. Score reports over two years old are no longer valid.

7. Letters of Recommendation

As part of the online application, you will be asked to designate recommenders. They will then be sent a link to an online recommendation form. They will also have the option to submit a letter online or by mail.

8. Resumé/CV/writing sample

A resume/CV/writing sample is NOT required, and there is no penalty for not submitting these. However, if you choose to submit one or more of these, please combine them into a single pdf document (max. size 500KB) with the Statement of Purpose and upload it in the online application.

How to Check Your Application Status

After you have submitted your application, you can log back in to your application to check your status. You will be able to see whether recommendations and official transcripts have been received, and whether the department has marked your application file as complete.

If You Are Offered Admission

If you are offered admission and choose to accept this offer, you will be notified which official transcripts you must submit to the Graduate School for verification.