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Journal publications are the critical source of visibility and impact in economics, and in this respect the Department has been well represented in leadership positions across a wide range of economic journals. These include editorships of leading general journals such as the European Economic Review and Review of Economics and Statistics, and leading field journals such as the Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.  Members of the Department are currently serving, or have recently served, as Co-Editors of major journals such as the Journal of Finance and Macroeconomic Dynamics.  The Department has also been well represented on editorial boards of many leading journals in sub-fields of economics. These include Econometrics (Econometric Reviews, Econometric Theory, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Journal of Financial Econometrics), Macroeconomics (Journal of Macroeconomics, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking), International Economics (International Finance, Journal of International Economics, Journal of International Money and Finance, Review of International Economics), Behavioral Economics (Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization), and many others.

The Department of Economics is at the forefront in research on contract theory and game theory, development, econometrics, international and macroeconomics, and time-series econometrics. Our faculty members have received public and private research support from numerous organizations, including the Ford Foundation, German Research Foundation, IZA, J-PAL, Korea Research Foundation, PIMS, Russell Sage Foundation, the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, UW PHI, and others.

A distinctive and important feature of our graduate program is the willingness of faculty to involve graduate students in their research, providing an environment that nurtures scholarship and leads to collaborative research efforts culminating in joint papers written with faculty. Consequently, our students often graduate with completed research papers that are well advanced in the publication process.

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