Visiting Scholars

The Department of Economics hosts several visitors each year to collaborate and connect with the department's community of faculty and students. Visiting scholars are those who have significant academic qualifications and will benefit from having an unpaid appointment at the University of Washington. To be eligible, the visitor must have already earned a doctorate degree in Economics. The department will consider their background, field of interest, scholarly achievement, research proposal, and English language proficiency.  

Visiting scholars must be sponsored by a department faculty member. It is the responsibility of a prospective visitor to contact the appropriate faculty member(s) to arrange for such sponsorship. 

If a faculty member is interested in sponsoring a scholar, please submit the following items electronically to the department Chair at least two (2) quarter prior to desired arrival date for consideration: 

  • Statement of sponsorship support 
  • Visitor’s current CV 
  • Outline of goal(s) for the visit 
  • Desired dates for visit (up to one year) 

NOTE: When an invitation is extended to a visitor who is not a US citizen, the department is able to assist with the visa application process. All applicable visa application and University processing fees will be the visitor’s responsibility. 

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We are grateful to be the recipient of the Dr. Andrew F. Brimmer Endowed Professorship, which supports visiting professors. You can learn more about the professorship and Dr. Brimmer's legacy in this article.