Selected Publications by Recent PhD Graduates

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The Economics PhD program is an academically rigorous curriculum for students interested in pursuing advanced study and doing original research in economics. This program develops professional economists for a variety of careers in teaching, in government, in industry, or with international agencies in the United States and abroad.

A distinctive and important feature of our program is the willingness of faculty to involve graduate students in their research, providing an environment that nurtures scholarship and leads to collaborative research efforts culminating in joint papers written with faculty. Consequently, our students often graduate with completed research papers that are well advanced in the publication process. Below is a selection of select publications by our recent PhD graduates for the last 10 years, many of whom continue to produce scholarly work with our faculty (for a selective list of faculty publications since 2010, see here). 

2020 Graduates

Justin Downs (PhD '20)

Downs, J. "Information Gathering by Overconfident Agents," 2021. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 30, 554-568.

Zhe (Jasmine) Jiang (PhD '20)

Jiang, Z. "Multinational Firms' Sourcing Decisions and Wage Inequality: A Dynamic Analysis," 2023. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 146.

Xueto Shi (PhD '20)

Fan, Y. and Shi, X. "Uniform Inference in a Generalized Interval Arithmetic Center and Ranger Linear Model," 2023. Econometric Theory, 39(1), 27-69.

Fan, Y., Shi, X., and Tao, J. "Partial Identification and Inference in Moment Models with Incomplete Data," 2023. Journal of Econometrics, 235(2), 418-443.

Fan, Y. and Shi, X. "Wald, QLR, and Score Tests when Parameters are Subject to Linear Inequality Constraints," 2023. Journal of Econometrics, 235(2), 2005-2026.

2019 Graduates

Daisoon Kim (PhD '19)

Mehra, M. and Kim, D. "Skilled Immigration, Offshoring, and Trade," 2023. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 146.

Kim, D. "Economies of Scale and International Business Cycles," 2021. Journal of International Economics, 131.

Coimbra N., Kim, D., and Rey, H. "Central Bank Policy and he Concentration of Risk: Empirical Estimates," 2021. Journal of Monetary Economics, 125. 

2018 Graduates

Jennifer Meredith (PhD '18)

Meredith, J., Robinson, J., Walker, S., and Wydick, B. “Keeping the doctor away: Experimental evidence on investment in preventative health products.” 2013. Journal of Development Economics 105, 196-210.

Keita Abe (PhD '18)

Abe, K., Anderson, C.M. & Reimer, M.N. "Catch More to Catch Less: Estimating Timing Choice as Dynamic Bycatch Avoidance Behavior," 2022. Environmental and Resource Economics, 82, 953–984.

Abe, K. et al. ,"WTO must ban harmful fisheries subsidies," 2021. Science, 374, 544.

Ken Ho (PhD '18)

Ho, K., Gao, Y., Gu, Q., and Yang, D. "Covid-19 Vaccine Approvals and Stock Market Returns: The Case of Chinese Stocks," 2022. Economics Letters, 215.

Shih-Tang Hwu (PhD '18)

Hwu, S., Kim, C., and Piger, J. "An N-state Endogenous Markov-switching Model with Applications in Macroeconomics and Finance. Macroeconomic Dynamics," 2021. Macroeconomic Dynamics, 25(8), 1937-1965.

Hwu, S. and Kim, C. "Estimating Trend Inflation Based on Unobserved Components Model: Is It Correlated with the Inflation Gap?" 2019. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 51, 2305-2319.

Mishita Mehra (PhD '18)

Mehra, M. and Kim, D. "Skilled Immigration, Offshoring, and Trade," 2023. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 146.

Mehra, M. and Shen, H. "Skilled Immigration, Firms, and Policy," 2022. Journal of International Economics, 139.

Anthony Sanford (PhD '18)

Sanford, A. and Yang, M. "Corporate Investment and Growth Opportunities: the Role of R&D Capital Complementarity," 2022. Journal of Corporate Finance, 72, 1-18.

Sangeetha Srinivasan (PhD '18)

Srinivasan, S., Shah, P., and Surendra, S.S. "An Approach to Enhance Business Intelligence and Operations by Sentimental Analysis," 2021. Journal of System and Management Sciences, 11(3), 27-40.

Pittman, S., Singh, A., and Srinivasan, S. "Practical Applications of Diversification Benefits, Where Art Thou?" 2020. Practical Application, 8, 1-7.

Pittman, S., Singh, A., and Srinivasan, S. "Diversification Benefits, Where Art Thou?" 2019. The Journal of Wealth Management, 22(3), 70-84.

Srinivasan, S., Thenmozhi, M., and Vijayaraghavan, P. "Product Diversification Deciphered," 2016. Global Business and Management Research: An International Journal, 8, 38.

2017 Graduates

Alexander Rodivilov (PhD '17)

Rodivilov, A., Khalil, F., and Lawarrée, J. "Learning from Failures: Optimal Contracts for Experimentation and Production," 2020. Journal of Economic Theory, 190.

Laine Rutledge (PhD '17)

Rutledge, L., Wydick, B., and Glewwe, P. “Does International Child Sponsorship Work? A Six-Country Study of Impacts on Adult Life Outcomes." 2013. Journal of Political Economy, 121(2), 393-436.

2016 Graduates

Mahama Bandaogo, PhD '16

Bandaogo, M. and Chen, Y. "Duration of Sudden Stop Spells: A Hazard Model Approach," 2015. Review of International Economicss, 28, 105118.

Ming He (University of Technology Sydney), PhD '16

He, M. and Lin, K-P. "Testing in a Random Effects Panel Data Model with Spatially Correlated Error Components and Spatially Lagged Dependent Variable," 2015. Econometrics, 3, 761-796.

He, M. and Lin, K-P. "Testing Spatial Effects and Random Effects in a Nested Panel Data Model," 2015. Economics Letters, 135, 85-91.

David Oxborrow (KPMG), PhD '16

Oxborrow, D. and Turnovsky, S. "Closing the Small Open Economy Model: A Demographic Approach," 2016. Review of International Economics25, 44-75.

Mukhopadhyay, S. and Oxborrow, D. "The Value of an Employment-Based Green Card," 2012. Demography, 49, 219-237.

Pasita Chaijaroen, PhD '16

Chaijaroen, P. "Long-lasting Income Shocks and Adaptations: Evidence from Coral Bleaching in Indonesia," 2018. Journal of Development Economics, 136, 119-136. 

Alexander Henke, PhD '16

Henke, A.Khalil, F., and Lawarrée, J. "Honest agents in a corrupt equilibrium," 2022. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy31762783.

Yangguang Huang, PhD '16

Huang, Y. and Xie, Y. "Search Algorithm, Repetitive Information, and Sales on Online Platforms," 2023. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 88.

Gao, P., Fan, X., Huang, Y., and Chen, Y. "Resource Allocation Among Competing Innovators," 2021. Management Science68:86059-6074.

Che, X., Huang, Y., and Zhang, L. "Supervisory Efficiency and Collusion in a Multiple-Agent Hierarchy," 2021. Games and Economic Behavior, 130, 425-442.

Huang, Y. and He, M. "Structural Analysis of Tullock Contests with an Application to U.S. House of Representatives Elections," 2021. International Economic Review, 62, 1011-1054.

Huang, Y. and Xia, J. "Procurement Auctions Under Quality Manipulation Corruption," 2019. European Economic Review, 111, 380-399.

Huang, Y., and Wen, Q. "Auction-Lottery Hybrid Mechanisms: Structural Model and Empirical Analysis," 2019. International Economic Review, 60, 355-385.

Galip Ozhan, PhD '16

Ozhan, G. "Financial Intermediation, Resource Allocation, and Macroeconomic Interdependence," 2019. Journal of Monetary Economics, 115(C), 265-278.

Inhwan So, PhD '16

So, I., Ha, J., and Lee, S. "The Impact of Uncertainty Shocks: Evidence from Geopolitical Swings in Korean Peninsula," 2022. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 84:1, 21-53

Miaoyu Yang, PhD '16

Bajari, P., Nekipelov, D., Ryan, S., and Yang, M. "Machine Learning Methods for Demand Estimation," 2015. American Economic Review, 105(5), 481-85.

Muxin Zhai, PhD '16

Wang, Y., Zhai, M., and Lynch, J. J. "Cashing Out Retirement Savings at Job Separation," 2023. Marketing Science, 42:4679-703.

Ye, X., Zhai, M., Feng, L., Xie, A., Wang, W., and Wu, H. "Still want to be a doctor? Medical student dropout in the era of COVID-19," 2022. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 195, 122-139.

2015 Graduates

Bijetri Bose (World Policy Analysis Center), PhD '15

Bose, B. and Alam, S. " Stepping into Adulthood during a Recession: Did Job Losses during the Great Recession Impact Health of Young Adults? Health Economics, May 2022

Bose, B., Karimli, L., and Kagotho, N. "Effects of an Economic Strengthening Intervention on Economic Well-being for the Household, Woman, and Child: Findings from Burkina Faso" Journal of Development Studies, November 2019

Ruixuan Liu (Emory), PhD ‘15

Chen, H., Fan, Y., and Liu, R. "Inference for the correlation coefficient between potential outcomes in the Gaussian switching regime model," 2016. Journal of Econometrics, 195, 255-270.

Li, H., Li, Q., and Liu, R. "Consistent model specification tests based on k-nearest-neighbor estimation method," 2016. Journal of Econometrics, 194, 187-202.

Liu, R. and Fan, Y. “A Direct Approach to Inference in Nonparametric and Semiparametric Quantile Models,” 2016. Journal of Econometrics, 191, 196-216.

Liu, R. and Fan, Y. “Symmetrized Multivariate k-NN Estimators,” 2015. Econometric Reviews, 34: 827-847.

Nicholas Huntington-Klein (Seattle U), PhD '15

Huntington-Klein, N., Arenas, A., Beam, E., Bertoni, M., Bloem, J. R., Pralhad Burli, Naibin Chen, Paul
Grieco, Godwin Ekpe, Todd Pugatch, Martin Saavedra, Yaniv Stopnitzky (2021). "The Influence of Hidden
Researcher Decisions in Applied Microeconomics." Economic Inquiry

Huntington-Klein, N. (2018). "College Choice as a Collective Decision." Economic Inquiry.

Huntington-Klein, N., & Ackert, E. (2018). "The Long Road to Equality: A Meta-Regression Analysis of
Changes in the Black Test Score Gap Over Time." Social Sciences Quarterly.

Huntington-Klein, N. (2016). "(Un)informed College and Major Choice": Verification in an Alternate
Setting." Economics of Education Review.

"Kaihua Deng (Renmin), PhD '15

Deng, K. "A Refined Asymptotic Framework for Dividend Yield in Predictive Frameworks," 2016. Economics Letters, 138: 60-63.

Deng, K. "Another Look at Large-Cap Stock Return Comovement: A Semi-Markov-Switching Approach," 2016. Computational Economics, 1-36.

Deng, K. "A test of asymmetric comovement for state-dependent stock returns," 2016. Journal of Empirical Finance, 36, 68-85.

Deng, K. and Walker, T. "Is the US quantitative easing more effective than China's? A second thought," 2016. China Economic Review, 38, 11-23.

2014 Graduates

Shamma Alam (Dickinson), PhD ‘14

Alam, S. and Bose, B. "Stepping into Adulthood during a Recession: Did Job Losses during the Great Recession Impact Health of Young Adults?" Health Economics31(8), 1730-1751, 2022.

Alam, S. and Portner, C. "Income shocks, contraceptive use, and timing of fertility", Journal of Development Economics, 131, 96-103, 2018

Alam, S. “Parental Health Shocks, Child Labor and Educational Outcomes: Evidence from Tanzania,” Journal of Health Economics, 44,161-175, 2015.

Alam, S., and Wolff, H. “Do Pesticide Sellers Make Farmers Sick? Health, Information and Adoption of Technology in Bangladesh,” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 41, 62-80, 2016.

Lin-Chi Hsu (Howard), PhD '14

Hsu, L., "The Timing of Welfare Payments and Intimate Partner Violence", Economic Inquiry, 55(2): 1017–1031, 2017.

Hsu, L. and Henke, A., "The Impact of Education, Adverse Childhood Experience, and Nativity on Intimate Partner Violence", Journal of Family and Economic Issues, 39(2), 310-322, 2018.

Jaeho Kim (Oklahoma), PhD ‘14

Kim, J. and Wang, L. “Hidden Group Patterns in Democracy Developments: Bayesian Inference for Grouped Heterogeneity”
 Journal of Applied Econometrics, Volume 34, Issue 6, 2019

Kim, J. and Kim, C. J. “Bayesian Inference of Regime-Switching ARMA Models with Absorbing States: Dynamics of Ex-Ante Real Interest Rate under Structural Breaks,”  Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2015

David Keunzel (Wesleyan), PhD ‘14

Kuenzel, D. "Non-tariff Measures: What’s Tariffs Got to Do with It?" 2023, Canadian Journal of Economics, 56(1), 133-163.

Kuenzel, D. and Sharma, R. "Preferential Trade Agreements and MFN Tariffs: Global Evidence", 2021, European Economic Review, 138 (September), 103850

Kuenzel, D. "WTO Tariff Commitments and Temporary Protection: Complements or Substitutes?", 2020, European Economic Review, 121 (January), 103344.

Kuenzel, D. "Do Trade Flows Respond to Nudges? Evidence from the WTO’s Trade Policy Review Mechanism", 2019, Review of International Economics, 27(3), 735-764.

Kuenzel, D. and Eicher, T. S. "European Influence and Economic Development", 2019, Canadian Journal of Economics, 52(2), 667-734.

Kuenzel, D. "WTO Dispute Determinants, 2017, European Economic Review, 91 (January), 157-179.

Kuenzel, D. and Eicher, T. S. “The Elusive Effects of Trade on Growth: Export Diversity and Economic Take-Off,” 2016. Canadian Journal of Economics.

Alice Su (National Taipei), PhD ‘14

Su, A., “Information Acquisition and the Equilibrium Incentive Problem,” Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 2017

Su, A., "Information Revelation in the Property Right Theory of the Firms", International Journal of Industrial Organization 52, May 2017, 133-164

Ho Po (Crystal) Wong (National Tsing Hua), PhD '14

Wong, C. "When Homemakers Are Compensated: The Effect of Homemaking Provisions on Spousal Time Allocation," Journal of Legal Studies, 52(1), 2023 107-136.

Wong, C. "Ethnic Assortative Matching in Marriage and Family Outcomes: Evidence from the Mass Migration to the United States during 1900-1930,"Journal of Population Economics, vol.29(3), 2016, pp.817-848.

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