Graduate Programs


Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Program in Economics at the University of Washington. We offer a program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree in economics. The PhD program is for students interested in pursuing advanced study and doing original research in economics. This program develops professional economists for a variety of careers in teaching, in government, in industry, or with international agencies in the United States and abroad.

Yu-chin Chen
Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director

Overview of the Doctoral Program's three phases.

Econ Graduate Student Resources

  • Graduate Guide for Students (PDF)

    • A detailed description of the current requirements for the MA and PhD degrees.
  • Supervisory Committee Form (PDF)
    • Students may either collect signatures or emails from their prospective committee members. Emails should be printed out and stapled to the back of the committee form.
  • Econ Grad Job Placement
    • Profiles of some of our recent graduates who have been placed in both academic and non-academic positions

More Resources