Research: Dissertations

PhD dissertations since 2010


Zihao Chen - Essays on Macroeconomics and Economic Modeling (Yu-Chin Chen)
Sean Ewen - Essays in Empirical Industrial Organization (Yuya Takahashi)
Theresa Henry - Predicting Formal Financial Account Access Using Machine (Rachel Heath)
Reina Kawai - Evaluating Forecasts in Times of Financial Turmoil (Theo Eicher)
Jungyoon Kim - Three Essays on Econometrics of Networks (Alan Griffith)
Jackson Monroe - Three Essays on Regression Discontinuity (Alan Griffith)
Junwei Mao - Essays on Risk Avoidance Behaviors (Xu Tan)
Yigit Okar - Essays in Applied Econometrics (Yanqin Fan)
Jorge Rivero - Contemporary Approaches to Classical Econometrics: Measure Transport Applications in Multivariate Inequality Analysis and Fixed Effects (Yanqin Fan)
Wendao Xue - Essays on Optimal Transport Theory and Causal Inference: A Theoretical and Empirical Approach (Yanqin Fan)


Jeewon Park - Essays on the Various Aspects of Portfolio Flow in Emerging Markets (Yu-Chin Chen)
Gani Nurmukhametov - Essays on remittances and macroeconomic policy in developing economies (Fabio Ghironi)
Qiliang Chen - Essays on Globalization, Skill Upgrading, and the Labor Market (Stephen Turnovsky)
Yacoub Alatrash - Essays on Macroeconomics and Economic Policy in Emerging Economies (Fabio Ghironi)
Vinod Dharmarajan - Essays on Industrial Organization of Banking and Finance (Dong-Jae Eun)
Victoria Ziqi Hang - Essays on Information Gathering and Signal Design (Fahad Khalil/Jacques Lawarree)
Seungryul Jeong - Essays on Asset Pricing and International Finance (Chang-Jin Kim)
Zhe Liu - Essays on Development Economics (Rachel Heath)
Yue Ma - Reddit, Retail Trading, and Uncertainty (Eric Zivot)
Kovid Puria - Essays on Financial Stability (Eric Zivot)
Zhou Yang - Essays on the Digital Transformation of Retail Grocery Industry (Yuya Takahashi)
Reina Kawai - Evaluating Forecasts in Times of Financial Turmoil
Junwei Mao - Essays on Risk Avoidance Behaviors


Qifan Huang - Essays on Industrial Organization and Platform Economy (Yuya Takahashi)
Castiel Zhuang - Essays on China's Health Care and Skill Upgrading Decisions (Yuya Takahashi)
Ying-Chin Chen - Essays on Applied Econometrics (Yuya Takahashi)
Luis Diego Granera Vega - Essays in Health and Development (Rachel Heath)
Hyeonseok Park - Non-likelihood based methods for the estimation and inference in econometric models (Yanqin Fan)
Ferdous Sardar - Essays on Health Behaviors in Developing Countries (Rachel Heath)
Chujian Shao - Essays on International Trade and Macroeconomics (Stephen Turnovsky)
Kwong-Yu Wong - Essays in Empirical Industrial Organization (Yuya Takahashi)
Lia Xu - Essays on the Economics of the Motion Picture Industry (Yuya Takahashi)
Samin Jalali - Heterogeneous Impact of Medicaid Expansion Program in Oregon and Generalizing Effects to Other States (Jing Tao/Anirban Basu)
Kathy Jung - Digital Platforms and the Sharing Economy (Patrick Bajari)
Kyongjun Kwak - Essays on International Capital Flows and Management in Emerging Market Economies (Yu-Chin Chen)
Yida Li - Essays on International Finance and Currency Economics (Yu-Chin Chen)
Tongyuan Shen - Essays on Dynamic Contracting with Present Bias (Fahad Khalil/Jacques Lawarree)
Yuming Liu - Essays on Empirical Asset Pricing and Time Series Forecasting (Eric Zivot)



Ibrahim Demir - Demographic Change, Social Security, and Lifetime Decision Making (Stephen Turnovsky)
Thor Dodson - The Impact of Roads on Agglomeration (Robert Halvorsen)
Joan Camilo Granados Castro - Essays on International Macroprudential Policy Interactions (Yu-Chin Chen)
Shuo Jiang - Essays on the Econometrics of Games (Yanqin Fan)
Taehoon Kwon - Essays in Development Economics (Rachel Heath)
Ryan Mitchell - Using Mixed Frequency Data to Forecast Recessions and GDP (Yu-Chin Chen)
Yuan Gao Rollinson - Policies as Determinants for Economic Performance (Theo Eicher)
Pushpak Sarkar - Essays on Financial Market (Eric Zivot/Yu-Chin Chen)
Zinan Wang - Market Power, Globalization and Labor Market Trends (Stephen Turnovsky)
Chi-Hui Yen - Essays on the Economics of Payment Card Industry (Yuya Takahashi)


Shikha Agarwal - Regional Variation in U.S. Homeownership Rates (Eric Zivot/Thomas Gilbert)
Dmitry Brizhatyuk - Essays on business cycles and endogenous growth (Fabio Ghironi)
An-Tsu Chen - Essays on Information Economics (Xu Tan/Quan Wen)
Eui Ran Chon - Essays on Labor and Development Economics (Elaina Rose)
Iffat Chowdhury - Essays on Development Economics (Rachel Heath)
Ziran Ding - Trade Policy with Firm Heterogeneity, Variable Markups, and Foreign Direct Investment (Theo Eicher)
Justin Downs - Essays on Optimal Contracts with Overconfidence (Fahad Khalil/Jacques Lawarree)
Zhe Jiang - Essays on Trade Liberalization and Labor Market Adjustments (Fabio Ghironi)
Yurim Lee - Essays on the Macroeconomics of Market Reforms and Self-Employment (Fabio Ghironi)
Elodie Marlet - The Mining Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa: Employment, Migration and Remittances (Philip Brock)
Eunmi Park - Essays on Empirical Industrial Organization (Dong Eun)
Xuetao Shi - Uniform Inference when parameters are subject to linear inequality constraints (Yanqin Fan)


Nahyeon Bak - Essays on Dynamic Consumers' Brand Choice (Patrick Bajari)
Guillermo Gallacher - Essays on Globalization and Structural Change (Fabio Ghironi)
Marie Guldin - Essays on Fish Processors and Catch Shares (Robert Halvorsen/Chris Anderson)
Agraj Gupta - Essays on Regulations in Peer-To-Peer Markets (Patrick Bajari)
Daisoon Kim - Essays on International Trade and Business Cycles (Fabio Ghironi)
Jonghyun Kim - Essays on the Effects of Structural Reforms (Fabio Ghironi)
Sungcheol Kim - Three Essays on Capital Inflows to Emerging Markets (Philip Brock)
Rory Mullen - Essays on Firm-level and Aggregate Productivity and Risk (Fabio Ghironi)
Jingyi Ren - Essays on Currency Risks and Returns (Eric Zivot/Yu-Chin Chen)
Andres Mauricio Sanchez Jabba - After The Flood (Rachel Heath)
Hyo Jin Sonn - Essays on Financial Economics (Eric Zivot/Yu-Chin Chen)
Yang Su - Three Essays on Household Asset Allocation (Stephen Turnovsky/Thomas Gilbert)


Keita Abe - Essays on Dynamic Behavior of Harvesters in Fisheries (Robert Halvorsen/Chris Anderson)
Yeuan (Allen) Chen - Three Essays in Fisheries Economics (Robert Halvorsen/Chris Anderson)
Andrew Clayton - Essays on Social Demand Estimation: Evidence from CAPS and Steam (Elaina Rose)
Yang Fan - Essays in Corporate Finances and Firm Dynamics (Mu-Jeung Yang)
Austin Gross - Behavioral Responses to Congestion Pricing (Robert Halvorsen)
Ken Ho - Essays on Dynamic Markets (Quan Wen)
Shih-Ting HuangEssays on Policy Evaluation (Elaina Rose)
Shih-Tang Hwu - Essays on Nonparametric and Dynamic Time-Series Econometrics (Yanqin Fan/Chang-Jin Kim)
Weng-Chi (Florence) Lei - Three Essays on Foreign Trade, Offshoring and International Rivalry (Kar-Yiu Wong)
Mishita Mehra - Essays in Skilled Immigration Policy (Fabio Ghironi)
Jennifer Meredith - The Impact of Fisheries Reform: Property Rights Markets and the Drivers of Outmigration in Rural Alaska (Rachel Heath)
Byunghoon Nam - Essays on Exchange Rates and Term Structures (Yu-chin Chen)
Kara Ng - Essays on Financial Forecasting (Eric Zivot)
Raghav Paul - Three Essays on Policy Issues in International Macroeconomics (Fabio Ghironi)
Anthony Sanford - Essays in Asset Pricing: Extensions and Applications of the Recovery Theorem (Eric Zivot/Mu-Jeung Yang)
Sangeetha Srinivasan - Essays on Fitting Factor Models for Asset Returns (Eric Zivot)
Yun-Ling (Jocelyn) Wang - Essays on Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Commercial Fishery – Management Policies and Pricing Mechanism (Fahad Khalil/Chris Anderson)


Vladimir DashkeevEssays on Heterogeneity in Fiscal Unions (Stephen Turnovsky)
Nail HassairiEssays on Labor Supply (Yoram Barzel)
Jenny Ho - Essays on Machine Learning in Applied Microeconomics (Pat Bajari)
Wan-Jung HsuEssays in Financial Economics (Eric Zivot/Levis Kochin)
Seunghan LeeEssays on Stock Prices and Equity Premium (Chang-Jin Kim)
Alexander RodivilovEssays on Contract Theory and Mechanism Design (Fahad Khalil/Jacques Lawarrée)
Laine RutledgeEssays on Labor Market Returns for Women in Developing Countries (Rachel Heath)


Mahama Samir Bandaogo – Essays on Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, and Currency Unions: Exploring the Role of Informality and Labor Mobility (Ghironi/Chen)
Pasita Chaijaroen – Essays on Economic Impacts of Coral Bleaching: Evidence from Indonesia (Rachel Heath)
Thomas FillebeenHow Do Small Players Deduce Beliefs about Uncertainty? A Look at Texas Shale Oil Investments (Robert Halvorsen/Chris Anderson)
Ming HeNonparametric Identification and Structural Estimation of Auction Models (Yanqin Fan)
Alex HenkeEssays on Corruption and Enforcement (Fahad Khalil/Jacques Lawarrée)
Yangguang HuangEssays on Procurement, Scoring Auction, and Quality Manipulation Corruption (Quan Wen/Yanqin Fan)
Alex HubbardMacroeconomic Dynamics of Market Risk Capital Requirements and Credit Supply Interdependence (Philip Brock)
Ying JiangEssays on the Analysis of Dynamic Games (Pat Bajari)
Kyungkeun KimEssays on International Asset Allocation and Pricing (Yu-chin Chen)
David OxborrowEssays on International Demographic Economics (Stephen Turnovsky)
Galip Kemal Ozhan - Essays in International Finance and Macroeconomics (Fabio Ghironi)
Inhwan SoEssays on Monetary Policy in Small Open Economies (Yu-chin Chen)
Miaoyu YangEssays on Machine Learning and Hedonic Models (Pat Bajari)
Muxin ZhaiEssays on Environmental and Health Economics (Robert Halvorsen)


Bijetri BoseEssays on Nonprofit Competition (Neil Bruce)
Yi-An ChenThree Essays on Financial Economics (Eric Zivot)
Sora ChonEstimation and Identification Issues in Monetary Policy Rules (Chang-Jin Kim)
Kaihua DengAnother Look at Stock Return Comovement: Some New Evidence and Test (Eric Zivot)
Chien-Hao FuEssays on Intergenerational Transfers and Living Arrangements (Neil Bruce)
Ranganai GwatiForeign Exchange Options and the Economics of Exchange Rates (Yu-chin Chen)
Chasya HoaglandThe Impact of Identity and Self-Perception on Labor Market Outcomes (Yoram Barzel)
Woo Hyung HongEssays on Information, Competition, and Pricing Dynamics in the Retail Gasoline Market (Fahad Khalil)
Nick Huntington-KleinBeliefs, Choice Structure, and Human Capital Investment (Elaina Rose)
Atsuko IzumiThree Essays on Corporate Finance and Firm Dynamics (Mu-Jeung Yang)
Seojin LeeEssays on the Puzzles in International Finance (Chang-Jin Kim)
Zhi LiPrivate Provision of Public Goods: Uniform Price Mechanisms with a Threshold and Dynamics with a Tipping Point (Quan Wen/Chris Anderson)
Ruixuan LiuIdentification and Inference of Duration Models Driven by Stochastic Processes (Yanqin Fan)
Hui MaiThree Essays on Family Economics (Seik Kim)
Javier PereiraEssays in Financial Intermediation and Credit Risk (Yu-chin Chen)
Jorge Rojas VallejosEssays on Inequality, Economic Activity, and Globalization: Theory and Evidence (Stephen Turnovsky)
Syed Galib SultanEssays on Price Discovery Measure, Exchange-Traded Funds, and Liquidity (Eric Zivot)


Shamma AlamThree Essays in Development and Health Economics (Hendrik Wolff)
Emre AylarEssays on Time Series Econometrics (Eric Zivot)
Lin-Chi HsuEssays on the Economics of Crime and Family (Elaina Rose)
Benjamin KeeferEssays on Risk and Uncertainty: Insights from Behavioral Economics (Fahad Khalil/Jacques Lawarrée)
Jaeho KimEssays on Bayesian Econometrics (Chang-Jin Kim)
David KuenzelEssays on Institutional and Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade (Theo Eicher)
Dongwon LeeEssays in International Finance (Stephen Turnovsky)
Edgar LunaParameter Instability, Expectations, Exogenous Fiscal Shocks, and the Relationship between Taxes and Government Spending (Levis Kochin)
Clark LundbergTime Scale Macroeconometrics (Eric Zivot)
Xuyang MaEssays on Return Predictability and Yield Factors (Eric Zivot)
Skylar OlsenEssays on Water and Energy Economics (Hendrik Wolff)
Justin RobertsonEssays on Health Care Provider Behavior (Fahad Khalil)
Joseph SaenzNew Approaches to Institutional Portfolio Performance Attribution and Private Equity Risk (Eric Zivot)
Alice SuEssays on Contract Theory (Fahad Khalil)
Yu-hsuan SuEssays on Household Behavior in Developing Economies (Judith Thornton)
Ho Po WongEssays on Family Law and the Family (Elaina Rose)


Joelle AbramowitzEssays on Health, Family, and Work Choices (Judith Thornton)
Danny BrentEssays on Water Resource Economics (Hendrik Wolff)
Ercument CahanInferential Theory for Factor Models of Large Dimensions under Monotone Missing Data (Eric Zivot)
Joseph DielemanThree Essays on Government Health Expenditure (Hendrik Wolff)
Yu-Fan HuangEssays on Empirical Macroeconomics (Richard Startz)
Kohei KiyaEssays on Subjective Well-Being and Public Finance (Neil Bruce)
Sang Bum KoEssays on Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs: Effects on Household Saving and the Participation Choice (Neil Bruce)
Daeyong LeeTaxation and Household Financial Decisions: Evidence from the Bush Tax Acts (Neil Bruce)
Sui LuoEmpirical Analysis on U.S. Real Output (Richard Startz)
Xiaolin SunEssays on Applications of the Factor Model (Eric Zivot)
Dan WangThree Essays on Land Rights, Labor Mobility, and Human Capital Investment in China (Judith Thornton)


Fei-Chien ChangPensions and Household Saving in the United States (Neil Bruce)
Brian DonhauserJump Variation from High-Frequency Asset Returns: New Estimation Methods (Eric Zivot)
Rodica GillesAn Economic Analysis of Secure Messaging Between Patients and Providers (Seik Kim)
Jee Young LeeEssays of Financial Econometrics (Eric Zivot)
Aditi MitraEssays on Macroeconomic Growth: The Role of Human Capital (Stephen Turnovsky)
Sumant RaiEssays on Social Capital and Economics Growth (Stephen Turnovsky)
B. Daniel WillardFishing the Line: Spatial Response to Marine Protected Areas (Robert Halvorsen)


Wahid AbdallahThree Essays on the Economics of Corruption (Fahad Khalil)
D. Mark AndersonThree Essays on Public Policy and Risky Youth Behavior (Claus Pörtner)
Sungjin ChoEffects of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) on Personal Savings (Neil Bruce)
Lindy Helfman- Essays on the determinants of aggregate foreign direct investment (Theo Eicher)
Cherl Hyun KimEssays on Price Discovery (Eric Zivot)
Momoe MakinoEssays on Population Economics and People’s Time Allocation (Claus Pörtner)
Krisztina NagyTerm Structure Estimation with Missing Data (Richard Startz)
Jianguo WangThe Study of a Developing Economy with Dual Production Structure (Stephen Turnovsky)


Laura BerlinghieriEssays on House Price Fluctuations in the U.S. (Richard Startz)
Kai-Hsi ChuEssays on International Trade and Strategic Trade Policy (Edwin Wong)
Sebastian FossatiUnit Root Tests, Structural Change, and Stationary Covariates (Eric Zivot)
Mike HanlonTransaction Costs, Legal Regimes and Intrahousehold Behavior (Yoram Barzel)
Pym ManopimokeEssays on Empirical Macroeconomics: Inflation and Monetary Policy (Charles Nelson/Chang-Jin Kim)
Yu-I PengSocial Security Claiming of the Elderly in the United States (Neil Bruce)
Nalina VaranasiEssays in Labor Economics (Shelly Lundberg)
Edwin WongDeterminants and Implications of Mortality Risk at the End of the Life Cycle (Claus Pörtner)