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Elodie Marlet
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Research: Development Economics, Microeconomics, Natural Resource Economics, Regional Economics
Job Market Paper: Mines, Migration and Households’ Welfare in Ghana: A Structural Gravity Model Approach | abstract | paper
Dissertation: The Mining Industry in Sub-Saharan Africa: Impacts on Employment, Migration and Environment | abstract
: Philip Brock (chair), Rachel Heath, Judith Thornton, Rasmane Ouedraogo
Aurora Stephany
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Research: Applied Microeconomics, Information Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Property Rights, Transaction Cost Economics
Job Market Paper: Transaction Costs in the Trading of Variable Quality Commodities | abstract
Dissertation: Transaction Costs in Economics
Yoram Barzel (chair), Patrick Bajari, Christopher Anderson, Judith Thornton (teaching reference)
Qing Zhang
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Research: Labor Economics, Property rights/transaction cost economics
Job Market Paper: The Rationale of Marriage and the Impact of DNA Test on its Organization | abstract