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Placement Assistant: Simon Reeve-Parker |

Thor Dodson
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Research: Applied Econometrics, Location Theory, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Transportation Economics
Job Market Paper: Did the US Interstate Highway Contribute to Agglomeration? | abstract | paper
Camilo Granados
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Research: International Finance, International Macroeconomics, Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: Strategic Macroprudential Policymaking: When Does Cooperation Pay Off? | abstract | paper
Dissertation: Essays on International Coordination of Macroprudential Policies
References: Yu-chin Chen (chair), Ippei Fujiwara, Philip Brock, Fabio Ghironi
Taehoon Kwon
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Research: Development Economics, Education, Health, Labor Economics, Public Policy
Job Market Paper: College Admissions, Grading Policy, and Students’ Time Allocation Responses | abstract | paper
Ryan Mitchell
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Research: Applied Econometrics, Machine Learning, Time Series Forecasting
Job Market Paper: Can Daily Financial Data Help Forecast Economics Downturns? | abstract | paper
References: Yu-chin Chen (chair), Eric Zivot, Philip Brock