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Research: Development Economics, Education, Health
Job Market Paper: Government, Primary Healthcare, and Standard of Living: Evidence from Costa Rica | abstract | paper
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Research: Applied Microeconomics, Causal Inference, Health, Machine Learning
Job Market Paper: Using Generalized Random Forest to Estimate the Heterogeneous Impacts of Medicaid
References: Anirban Basu (chair), Jing Tao (chair), Stephan Siegel, Haideh Salehi-Esfahani
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Research: International Finance, International Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: Optimal Tax Rates on Gross Capital Flows | abstract | paper
References:  Yu-chin Chen (chair),  Philip Brock, and Brian Greaney
Ferdous Sardar
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Research: Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Health
Job Market Paper: How COVID-19 Risk Information Affects Beliefs and Behaviors: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh | abstract | paper
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Research: Economic Growth, International Macroeconomics, International Trade, Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: International Trade, Immigration and Macroeconomic Dynamics | abstract
References:  Stephen Turnovsky (chair), Yu-chin ChenChang-Jin Kim
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Research: Applied Microeconomics, Causal Inference, Empirical Industrial Organization, Machine Learning and Big Data
Job Market Paper: Dynamic Competition of Real Estate Developers in Hong Kong: Lesson on Counter-cycle Policy | abstract | paper
References: Yuya Takahashi (chair), Pat Bajari, Dong-Jae Eun
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Research: Development Economics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Health Economics, Labor Economics
Job Market Paper: Understanding Deductible and Reimbursement Maximum: A Study of Rural China’s Tiered Medical System | abstract | paper
References: Yuya Takahashi (chair), Rachel Heath, Vanessa Oddo, Xuezheng Qin