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Economics lecture in Kane Hall
Economics lecture in Kane Hall

Economics Degrees Overview

The Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Economics provides an excellent preparation for employment in the private and public sectors, and for graduate study in a variety of fields, such as law and MBA programs.

The importance of economics among the social sciences, and its appeal to many students who choose it as a major, reflects its deep intellectual roots, its rigorous analytical methods, and its powerful ability to explain social phenomena. An economics major trains students not only in deductive methods of logic, but also in inductive methods of reasoning using statistical methods and a variety of social and economic data. A firm foundation in economics is essential to a meaningful training in business administration, public administration, or social science.

The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Economics emphasizes the study of mathematics and quantitative techniques along with economics. The course of study requires a more intensive background in math and statistics, reflecting the quantitative character of modern economics. This program provides preparation for employment in technical and scientific areas and is appropriate for graduate studies in economics and related fields such as statistics, mathematics and finance.

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Scholarship application for the 2016-2017 year are now available!  To be eligible, students must qualify for financial aid as determined byUW, which means you must have a FAFSA on file.  Applications must be turned in to 305 Savery Hall by 4pm on Friday, May 6.

Download the application for the Yang/Sroufe/Corkery scholarships here.
Download the application for the Nelson application here. 
          -The Nelson Scholarship is for those who demonstrate interest in both economics and political science.

Graduation Photos

The Department of Economics will be provided complimentary photography services of the ceremony as well as photobooths at the reception. Photos are available for free download at the following websites: