People - Faculty

Affiliate Faculty
Economics Visiting Committee
Assistant Professor / (206) 543-8664
Office Hours: 483A: Wednesday 2:20-3:10pm. 483B: Wednesday 2:35-3:20pm.
Savery 338
Assistant Professor
Office Hours: By appointment. Or see current course syllabus.
Savery 327
Bryan C. Cressey Professor
Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 4:00-5:00pm
Savery 353
Assistant Professor / 206-543-5874
Savery Hall Room 329
Robert R. Richards Professor of Economics; Graduate Program Director / 206-685-1630
Savery 330
Chair; Robert R. Richards Professor of Economics / 206-543-6715
Office Hours: By appointment
Savery 309

Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

People - Adjuncts & Affiliates
Name Title Email/Phone
Anderson, Chris Adjunct Professor
Basu, Anirban Adjunct Professor
Bond, Philip Adjunct Professor
Duncan, Gregory M Affiliate Faculty
Garz, Seth Affiliate Instructor
Geweke, John Affiliate Faculty
Giannone, Domenico Affiliate Faculty
Gilbert, Thomas Adjunct Associate Professor
Golyaev , Konstantin Affiliate Faculty
Han, Fang Adjunct Associate Professor
Hastings, Justine Affiliate Faculty
Jahedi, Salar Affiliate Faculty
LaRiviere, Jacob Affiliate Faculty
Layton, David Adjunct Professor
Richardson, Thomas Adjunct Professor
Riley, Emma Affiliate Faculty
Santesteban, Cristian Affiliate Faculty
Tapia, Christina P. Affiliate Faculty, Economics Visiting Committee
Yoganarasimhan, Hema Adjunct Associate Professor

In Memoriam

People - In Memoriam
Name Title
Barzel, Yoram Professor Emeritus
Brown, Gardner Professor Emeritus
Bruce, Neil Professor Emeritus
Crutchfield, James A. Professor Emeritus
Ellis, Greg Teaching Professor
Hadjimichalakis, Michael Associate Professor Emeritus
Mah, Feng-Hwa Professor Emeritus
McCaffree, Kenneth M. Professor Emeritus
McGee, John S. Professor Emeritus
Morris, Morris D. Professor Emeritus
North, Douglass C. Professor Emeritus and Nobel Laureate