Theo S. Eicher

Castor Professor of Economics

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Ph.D., Economics, Columbia University, 1994
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Professor Eicher holds the Castor Professorship in Economics. He received his Ph.D. from Columbia University and his BA in Chinese Studies and Economics from Grinnell College. He has served as Editor of the European Economic Review; on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Macroeconomics; and on the Advisory Council of the Revista de Ciencias Económicas. At the UW he is the founding director of the UW Economics Policy Research Center, a forum to engage public and private sector stakeholders in economic policy discussions vital to the region. He is also an Affiliate Professor at the Jackson School of International Studies, Center for Global Studies at the University of Washington, and an Affiliate Professor at the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences, University of Washington.

Professor Eicher's visiting positions include University Aix-Marseille, International Monetary Fund, Universidad de Costa Rica, University of Munich, University of Leipzig, Institute of Advanced Studies (Vienna), Bonn University, Barcelona University, Technical University Zurich, University of Tübingen and Oxford University (Nuffield College). For information about Professor Eicher's research please visit his website

Courses Taught

Spring 2024

Winter 2024

Spring 2023

Winter 2023

Spring 2022

Winter 2022

Spring 2021

Winter 2021

Additional Courses

2017 Courses:

472 A/B (Winter), 471 A/B (Spring)

Other Courses Taught:

Econ 301 – Intermediate Macroeconomics

Econ 401 – Seminar on Economic Growth

Econ 406 – Urban Economics

Econ 406 – Sustainable Development and Growth

Econ 471 – International Trade 

Econ 472 – International Macroeconomic 

Econ 571 – International Trade Theory 

Econ 573 – International Commercial Policy

For additional course information please see his course website

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