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Selected faculty journal publications since 2010

JMetHeng Chen and Yanqin Fan (forthcoming). Identification and wavelet estimation of LATE in a class of switching regime models. Journal of Econometrics.

MacroDynManoj Atolia, Chris Papageorgiou, and Stephen J. Turnovsky (forthcoming). Taxation and public health investment: Policy choices and tradeoffs, Macroeconomic Dynamics.

IntEconReviewEvangelos Dioikitopoulos, Stephen J. Turnovsky, and Ronald Wendner (forthcoming). Dynamic status effects, savings, and income inequality, International Economic Review.

JIMFStephen J. Turnovsky (forthcoming). Demographic structures, savings, and international capital flows, Journal of International Money and Finance.

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JMetYanqin Fan, Fang Han, Wei Li, and Xiao-Hua Zhou (2019). On rank estimators in increasing dimensions. Journal of Econometrics,

JPETFahad Khalil, Doyoung Kim, and Jacques Lawarrée (2019). Use It or Lose It. Journal of Public Economic Theory,

IntEconReviewMarcelo Arbex, Dennis O'Dea, and David Wiczer (2019). Network search: Climbing the job ladder faster. International Economic Review, 60, 693-720.

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JIMFYu-chin Chen and Dongwon Lee (2018). Market power, inflation targeting, and commodity currencies. Journal of International Money and Finance, 88, 122-139.

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Econ Th BulletinJesse Schwartz and Quan Wen (2018). Robust trading mechanisms with budget surplus and partial trade. Economic Theory Bulletin.

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JDEAmalavoyal Chari, Freeha Fatima, Rachel Heath, and Annemie Maertens (2017). The causal effect of maternal age at marriage on child wellbeing: Evidence from India. Journal of Development Economics, 127, 42-55.

JDERachel Heath (2017). Fertility at work: Children and women's labor market outcomes in urban Ghana. Journal of Development Economics, 126, 190-214.

Kwang Hun Choi, Chang-Jin Kim, and Cheolbeom Park (2017). Regime shifts in price-dividend ratios and JMCBexpected stock returns: A present-value approach. Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, 49, 417-441.

OERJorge Rojas-Vallejos and Stephen J. Turnovsky (2017). Tariff reduction and income inequality: Some empirical evidence. Open Economies Review, 1-29.

RIEDavid Oxborrow and Stephen J. Turnovsky (2017). Closing the small open economy model: A demographic approach. Review of International Economics 25, 44-75.

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ERYanqin Fan and Ruixuan Liu (2015). Symmetrized multivariate k-NN estimators. Econometric Reviews, 34, 827-847.

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