How to Contact Regional Representatives

Current economics students (undergraduate and graduate) are welcome and encouraged to contact the Department’s regional representatives at the email address listed. Students are reminded that these alumni are professionals whose time is valuable, and that they are volunteering their time to help students in this capacity.

Please review the list of do’s and don’ts before contacting a regional representative:

  • DO have a legitimate reason for contacting on of our regional reps. It is not appropriate to email people asking if there are jobs available at their company without having some previous interest in the region or industry.
  • DON’T send unsolicited information or materials, such as your resume or LinkedIn profile. If you develop a relationship with a regional rep and he or she asks for it, then go right ahead.
  • DO research the region and/or industry of the rep you are contacting. It is not the job of our regional reps to persuade you that his or her region or business is a great place to live or work.
  • DO have specific questions about the region or business of the regional rep.
  • DO offer to pay if you will be meeting a regional rep in person and you invite that person to coffee/lunch/drinks. The other person may be courteous and pay for his or half – or the entire bill – but do not assume that this will be the case. Paying is a sign of respect, etiquette, and kindness.
  • DO always thank the person for his or her time, preferably with a handwritten note.

Questions? Email our alumni coordinator, Olga Yang (BA ’82), or contact the Department via email or 206-543-5945