Women in Economics Group Hosts World Bank Consultant

Yasmin Bin-Humam Yasmin Bin-Humam

UW Women in Economics is pleased to have hosted World Bank consultant Yasmin Bin-Humam for a discussion on the recently-released World Bank report “Women, Business, and the Law 2014: Removing Restrictions to Enhance Gender Equality.” The report examines how legal differences between men and women may affect women's incentives and ability to participate in the labor force and identifies legal and regulatory reforms that could enhance economic opportunities for women. The report utilizes newly released historical data in the “50 Years of Women’s Legal Rights Database.” Yasmin Bin-Humam is a consultant for the World Bank group Women, Business and the Law, where she conducts legal research on historical and current trends in legal development pertaining to women's rights. She completed her JD at Georgetown University in 2010 and her BA in economics at Harvard University in 2003.  

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