Year-end Giving Appeal

As 2021 comes to a close, I’m writing to appeal for your support of the Department of Economics.  If you are receiving this newsletter, you are one of the thousands of alums and supporters of the department.  You have also likely contributed previously to the department financially, through your time, or both.  For that I thank you sincerely and hope you will choose to continue to do so again now, and for the many years ahead.  The goal of the department is to maintain an active community of alumni and friends at all stages of their careers who recognize the long-term value of an economics education and who will, in turn, foster relationships with other alumni to give back to the department.       


My own journey of giving back began shortly after graduating in 1990 with a BA in Economics.  The company I joined matched the financial contributions I made annually to the department, which I continue to do to this day.  Over the years, I have also participated in career panels and brown bags put on by the department and the Economics Undergraduate Board (EUB).  It is always a joy to come back to campus to speak with Econ students about my work and the opportunities they have ahead of them using their economics degree.  In 2009, I was invited to join the Department of Economics Visiting Committee, a group comprised mostly of UW econ alums with a strong passion for engaging and supporting the department and its students, faculty, and staff.  I also work with a couple of students each year under the department’s mentorship program.  For me, giving back to the department, both through my time and financially, is very important and rewarding.  I look back fondly on my days as a student and know that my development as a business professional and as an individual has been shaped significantly by my time at the UW.      


There are many ways that your support makes a difference to the department, such as supporting need and merit-based scholarships for students, faculty recruitment and retention, research support, travel expenses to conferences, and software and computer equipment.  During the extended period of the pandemic when in-person teaching was not allowed, contributions to the Friends of Economics Fund were instrumental to purchase webcams, monitors, and other equipment to help faculty members make the transition to remote instruction.   


In closing, I hope you will consider supporting the department at this time with your financial contribution.  If you are a recent graduate of the department and this is your first time making a gift, like it was for me many years back, thank you and welcome aboard!  And of course thank you to the rest of you who have been supporting the department for many years. 


Cary Oshima, ‘90

Chair, Department of Economics Visiting Committee

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