Undergraduate Admission FAQs

Prerequisite Coursework:

Where can I find admission statistics for previous quarters? / What is the average GPA and RTW score for admitted students?

You can find admission statistics on our main undergraduate admissions web page.  

I took my Economics prerequisites outside of UW.  They are in the process of being transferred, but do not yet appear on my UW transcript.  Can I still apply?

Yes. Please submit an unofficial copy of the outside institution's transcript with your application.  

I took some/all of my prerequisite courses through AP or A-level, so they are not showing up in my DARS.  Is that a problem for when I apply?

No.  As long as we can confirm you have taken the prerequisites and they appear on your transcript, you are welcome to apply.  If you are admitted to the major and email to let us know the issue, we can adjust your DARS at a later time, if necessary.  

Can I apply to the major while I am finishing up my last prerequisite(s)?

No. We require a grade in each prerequisite course before students can submit their applications.

The RTW Exam

I registered for the RTW exam but did not receive any confirmation email.  Am I registered?  When will I be notified of the location, time and instructions about the exam?

It is likely that you are registered.  When you submitted your registration through Catalyst, you should have seen a page that indicated it was your confirmation and that you would not receive an email from the department until 1-2 days prior to the exam.  The time and location are on our undergraduate website.  The email you receive 1-2 days prior to the exam will also have the time and location, and additional instructions.  

How can I view my RTW score?  Can I see grader feedback?

RTW scores will be included in your admission (acceptance or denial) email from the department.  We are unable to provide specific feedback on your RTW exam as the graders do not write comment on exams to preserve our double-blind grading process. However, you are welcome to email econadv@uw.edu to request the grading rubric and criteria used by graders.

Application Review Process

Does my GPA or RTW score matter more to the admissions committee when reviewing my application?

Our department does a holistic review - we review each individual application, personal statement, and RTW score.  This means that all parts of your application are important.  While strong grades can help compensate for a lower RTW score, if the RTW score is very low, you may still not be admitted, even with high grades.   The same is true for students with very high RTW scores; you must still perform relatively well in your coursework to have a reasonable chance for admission.   

What are my chances of being admitted? -or- Can you take a look at my grades and tell me if it is likely I will be admitted?

Because of the holistic review of each application, we are unable to provide an accurate outlook on chances of admission based on grades alone. A student's grades in prerequisite courses, score on the RTW Exam, clarity of personal statement, and overall academic performance are all factors considered. Strong grades in coursework does not guarantee admission, as all factors of the application are very important for consideration. Each application cycle, we will post admission statistics to showcase the average prerequisite GPA, average overall GPA, and average RTW score for each cycle of admitted applicants.  

Can I reapply to the Economics major if I am not admitted the first time?

Students may reapply to the major.  However, if you are not admitted, you should take a look at your application (grades, RTW score, etc.) to see why you may not have been admitted the first time.  If the answer is not clear, you may email the advisers (econadv@uw.edu) and they can provide information about why your application may not have been strong.  If you are able to improve your application in a reasonable amount of time, then you can consider reapplying. While you are in the process of reapplying, you should use the time to explore other majors you may find interesting.  If you are not admitted after reapplying, we generally recommend you move toward applying to another major as you will have accrued a higher number of credits and you need to make progress toward graduation.

My application was previously denied and I am reapplying for admission.  Do I have to rewrite my personal statement?

You can always email the advisers to see if your statement was considered strong or if there were any issues.  If not, you can use your previous personal statement with additional information about how your application has improved since the last time you applied.  If you plan on rewriting your personal statement, we encourage you to seek assistance from campus resources: 


I am in my junior/senior year.  Will this negatively affect my application?

We are not concerned with which year a student is in; we are concerned with the number of credits a student has earned and their timeline for graduation.  If a student can finish their graduation requirements under the University's Satisfactory Progress Policy, they are welcome to apply to the Economics major.  

I am sponsored by my government.  Is this taken into account by the admissions committee?

We do not take government sponsorships or scholarships into account when making admission decisions.  


I listed "Economics" as my intended major on my application to UW. I was admitted to UW; does this mean that I am also admitted to the Economics major?

No, you have not been admitted to the Economics major.  You should see our website for prerequisite course, GPA and application information.  

If I am a running start student, can I apply to the Economics major right away? 

Possibly. To apply, students must have earned at least 45 college-level credits, have earned a grade in each prerequisite course, and meet our GPA requirements.

I am in the process of applying to Economics and another major at the same time.  Do I need to submit an academic plan with my application to Econ?

If you are admitted to both Econ and the other major and plan to complete both majors, then yes, you should submit an academic plan so that we can make sure you can graduate on time.  If you plan to only complete one of the majors, then you do not need to submit the academic plan.  

Are there any ECON courses I can take without being in the major?

Yes.  Students can take the 200- and 300-level courses without being the major.  However, for ECON 301, non-majors must wait until Period 2 registration to enroll in any available spaces.  Our 400-level courses are reserved for Economics majors and for those students in programs that require students to take certain 400-level Econ courses. 

Are either the BA or the BS in Econ considered STEM majors?

Based on the CIP codes, both the BA and the BS majors are considered STEM majors.