The Department of Economics offers unique opportunities for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science students to complete coursework in specialized areas of economics.

Each Certificate will require completion of four (4) Economics courses, which may be done alongside (and not in addition to) a students' major requirements. Each Certificate will have specific courses to choose from, and require a GPA for the 4 courses completed.

Certificates are open to UW Economics students only.

To earn a Certificate, please submit an Application Form upon completion of the requirements.

Certificate Requirements & Application Forms

For details on each Certificate, click the links below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

May I pursue more than one Certificate?

Yes -- You may pursue more than one Certificate. Most students who decide to pursue a Certificate typically pursue just one. However, it is possible to pursue more than one Certificate, depending on your particular academic plans.

Are these Certificates competitive?

No -- These are certificates of completion. Simply apply for a certificate once you have completed the necessary coursework and have met the GPA requirement.

It's my final quarter at the UW. Can I still apply for a certificate?

Yes -- Certificates are not linked to your degree and can be completed in your final quarter at the UW. Simply submit a certificate application after receiving for grades for the quarter.

Do these Certificates appear on my transcript and/or diploma?

No -- These certificates are recognized by the Department of Economics only, and do not appear on your UW transcript or diploma.

What can I do with a Certificate?

Most students who earn a Certificate will list it alongside their education information on their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc. It can provide a great reference point when describing what you learned while earning your UW degree, and that a focus was pursued while completing Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science requirements.

Why is the Certificate in Economic Theory & Quantitative Methods only available to Bachelor of Arts students?

The requirements for this Certificate are largely similar to the major requirements for the Bachelor of Science already. It is considered somewhat redundant for a Bachelor of Science student to also list this Certificate when describing their educational info on resumes, etc.