Econ 399: Economics Internship


ECON 399 is a course offered by the Department of Economics at the University of Washington. This course allows students an opportunity to connect their economics-related internship experiences to the academic theory & concepts learned through the Department of Economics Undergraduate Program.

Course Structure & Earning Credit

ECON 399 is available each Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters. (Those who wish to earn credits for an internship during Summer Quarter may defer the ECON 399 course registration to the following Autumn Quarter.)

Students are the first partner in the ECON 399 learning community. Along with the internship supervisor and ECON 399 faculty instructor, students will have opportunities to both:

1) Apply classroom learning to real-world situations; and
2) Gain important experience and hand-on training for preparation into numerous post-graduation careers.

ECON 399 Learning Partnership

All ECON 399 course criteria and requirements will be administered by the ECON 399 Faculty Instructor. Students are expected to attend all required class meetings, complete a "ECON 399 Academic Paper", and all relevant course assignments, unless otherwise permitted by the ECON 399 faculty instructor.

ECON 399 is graded on a “Credit & No Credit” scale. No numerical/standard grades are available for ECON 399. Students may choose to earn 1 to 6 credits for each quarter of ECON 399. A maximum of 12 total credits of ECON 399 may be earned. ECON 399 does not count toward any Department of Economics Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science major requirements, and should be considered general "elective" coursework.

As a guideline, the number of weekly hours worked can help to determine an appropriate number of credits for ECON 399. However, students may choose the number of ECON 399 credits they wish to pursue.

Approximate Weekly Schedule Estimated Number of Credits
1-4 hours per week 1 credit
4-8 hours per week 2 credits
8-12 hours per week 3 credits
12-16 hours per week 4 credits
16+ hours per week 5-6 credits

The Academic Paper

With support from both the ECON 399 Faculty Instructor and Internship Supervisor, students will identify parallels between their academic learning in economics alongside their work in an economics-related internship. These parallels can be developed into research topics, which can then be produced into an Academic Paper.

Depending on the number of ECON 399 credits pursued, the requirements for the paper can vary.

Number of ECON 399 Credits Approximate Length of ECON 399 Academic Paper
1 credit 5 pages minimum
2 credits 6-8 pages
3 credits 8-10 pages
4 credits 10-12 pages
5-6 credits 12+ pages

The ECON 399 Academic Paper should include references from at least 3 economics-related academic sources, texts, or journals. It must include some economic analysis, and should go beyond simply describing or summarizing the internship experience.

Due dates for the rough draft and final draft will be determined by the ECON 399 Faculty Instructor.

Currently, the ECON 399 Course is managed by Dennis O'Dea. Questions about course structure and/or the academic paper can be directed to

Finding an Eligible Internship

Any internship that contains work that relates to economics can be eligible. For assistance in finding internships, students are encouraged to access resources and Career Coaches at the Career & Internship Center.

The Career & Internship Center also helps to manage Handshake, which is the UW's premier online resource for job and internship searches. 

Applying & Registering for ECON 399

To register for ECON 399 please submit a ECON 399 Application. Read the form instructions carefully.

Within the form, students will be required to upload and submit a ECON 399 Employer Verification Form.

Once the ECON 399 Application is approved, students will be registered for the ECON 399 course. Please allow 1-2 business days for review.

To avoid late registration fees, ECON 399 Applications should be submitted by the end of the first week of the quarter.

For International Students Seeking Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Authorization

Please follow the ECON 399 Application instructions above, as well as submit a CPT Application with the UW Office of International Student Services (ISS). See more details about this process here.


Please contact Economics Advising at