"Husky 100" Selects Three Economics Students 

Each year, 100 students are chosen to be part of the Husky 100, which spans all three campuses, includes both undergraduate and graduate students, and covers all areas of study. Students are chosen for this honor for making the most of their time at the UW.

The Department of Economics is thrilled to announce that three of our outstanding undergraduate students have been selected as part of the Husky 100. Each student has written a little something about themselves.

Nadya Ekhteraee-Sanaee I am a fourth year economics major and pre-medical student. During my time at the UW, I have served students as President of the Economics Undergraduate Board, Chair of the Arts and Sciences Advisory council for Students, and an active member of UW Women in Economics. As a College Honors student, I have learned to appreciate the value of an interdisciplinary approach to education, and I hope to exercise this interdisciplinary approach by writing my honors thesis on a topic in healthcare economics. I am thankful for the opportunities that UW has given me, and am excited for the contribution that I will make to our country and world as a future doctor. 

Angel Chen
I am “boundless” as I seize the boundless opportunities that UW offers. I am a transfer student from Spokane, Washington as well as an international student from Guangzhou, China. I am committed to creating an inclusive community for transfer students. I am a transfer First-year Interest Group leader, an undergraduate math tutor and I work as a commuter and transfer associate with First Year Programs. I learn to lead from within and I am grateful to be a Husky.


Kaia Boonzaier
Growing up in the Puget Sound surrounded by nature, I have always been passionate about protecting natural resources and wildlife, but during my time at the UW, my desire to make meaningful and positive change in the world has become further ignited and focused. The lessons that I have learned here about resilience, innovation, and leadership will stay with me as I fight for environmental justice.


Please visit the Husky 100 page to view all awardees.