Economics Undergraduates Present Research at the 20th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium 

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Robert Boyd (left) and his poster on "Automation's Immediate Impact on Employment." Sam Chen (right) presented earlier that day.

On Friday, May 18th, over 1,200 students gathered to participate in the 2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium. This annual symposium gives students a chance to present their research to a larger audience, and provides a forum for students and faculty to discuss cutting edge research.

Fourteen Economics undergraduate students participated. Each student or student group gave an oral presentation, or a poster presentation of their research project. Students were guided by a faculty mentor, either from the Economics Department, or, in the case of double majors, by a faculty member for another department. The economics Honors students were well represented, and took the opportunity to showcase their Honors theses. 

Congratulations to the Department of Economics students who participated, many of whom graduated this quarter:

Xiangjun (Aileen) Yang, senior: Optimal Dynamic Pricing of Inventories with Stochastic Demand Functions for Online Fashion Retailers(Mentor: Michelle Turnovsky, Matthew Lorig, Applied Mathematics)

Elaine Synn Yie Khoo, Senior: The Impact of Government-Linked Companies Transformation Program on the Financial Performances of Malaysian Goverment-Linked Companies (and non-Government-Linked Companies)(Mentor: Dong-Jae Eun)

Soo Jung (Kristy) Kwon, Senior: Navigating the Traditional and the Modern: Young Professional Women, Korean Dramas and Critical Acumen

Emily Paige Menz, Senior: Comparison of Ecosystem Service Valuation Methods: Wetland Restoration and Carbon Sequestration in Úlfarsárdalur, Reykjavik

Sam Chen, Senior: Effects of Population Density on the Impacts of Mass-Transit Infrastructure on Regional Unemployment(Mentor: Dennis O’Dea)

Leon (Leo) Segovia, Senior (with co-authors): The Mathematics of Gerrymandering 

Caitlin Elizabeth Mcilwain, Senior: Supply Side Responses of the Affordable Care Act(mentor: Dennis O’Dea)

Danyan Leng, Senior: Factors Influencing Washington Residents’ Willingness to Pay for Wolf-Livestock Coexistence Programs

Natalie J Weed, Senior: Large Target Screening for Genetic Variants in Patients with Epileptic Encephalopathy

Yi Alan (Alan) Zhang, Senior; Xinyue Li, Senior; Yuqun (Azura) Tang, Senior: More and Larger Snowstorms: Big Fake News

Robert Charles James Boyd, Senior: Automation’s Immediate Impact on Employment(mentor: Rachel Heath)

Jackson James Herbert Nahpi, Senior: Social Capital Revisited: Applying Morgan and Sørensen's Social Closure Analysis to Outcomes in Mental Health and Deviance

Special thanks to the Department of Economics faculty members Michelle Turnovsky, Dennis O’Dea, Rachel Heath, and Dong-Jae Eun, who served as research mentors for these students.

This was a wonderful experience for our undergraduates, and also a chance for the department to promote the sophisticated level of research that the Economics undergraduates undertake. Students who are interested in participating in next year’s Research Symposium can find more information here.