Preliminary Course Offerings

Preliminary 2024-2025 Course Offerings

1) This is our current plan but is subject to change.
2) ECON 200, 201, 300, & 301 are offered every quarter.

382 Intro To Econometrics   Tao Tao  
400 Advanced Microeconomics Wen   O'Dea TM
401 Advanced Macroeconomics S. Turnovsky   Ghironi TM
  Advanced Macroeconomics     Ghironi TM
404 Industrial Organization & Price Analysis       IO
406 Seminar   Heath    
408 Economic Analysis of the Law     Tapia Micro
409 Undergraduate Seminar in Political Economy       Pol Econ
410 Economics of Networks     Griffith TM/DS
411 Behavioral Economics   Tan   TM/Micro
412 Macroeconomics & Inequality   Greaney Greaney Macro
421 Money, Credit & the Economy   Brock Brock Fin/Macro
422 Investments and Capital Finance Jacobs Jacobs   Fin
423 Topics in Financial Economics     Tapia Fin
424 Computational Finance & Financial Econometrics Chen     Fin/TM
425 Monetary Policy Ghironi     Macro/Intl
  Monetary Policy Ghironi     Macro/Intl
426 Advanced Financial Economics   Chen   FIn
427 Central Banking       Fin/Macro
431 Government and Business       IO
432 Empirical Industrial Organization   Takahashi Takahashi IO/TM
435 Natural Resource Economics       Nat Res
436 Environmental Economics       Nat Res
443 Labor Market Analysis     Rose (online) Labor
444 Topics in Labor Market Analysis       Labor
447 Economics of Gender  Heath     Labor/Dev
448 Population Economics Knox Knox   Dev/Data Sci
450 Public Finance: Expenditure Policy O'Dea     Pub Fin
451 Public Finance: Tax Policy  


  Pub Fin
454 Cost/Benefit Analysis       Pub Fin
464 Financial Crisis       Fin
471 International Trade   Eicher Eicher Intl
472 International Finance   Eicher Eicher  Intl
475 Economics of European Communities M. Turnovsky     Intl
476 Trade, Foreign Direct Investment, Labor Migration       Intl
481 Data Science Computing for Economics       TM/Data Sci
482 Econometric Theory & Practice   Kim Kim TM
  Econometric Theory & Practice     Tao  
483 Econometric Applications Eun Eun    TM
  Econometric Applications   Eun    TM
484 Econometrics & Data Science     Duncan TM/Data Sci
485 Game Theory Lawarree Khalil Lawarree TM
486 Economics of Information       TM
487 Data Science for Strategic Pricing LaRiviere     TM/Data Sci
488 Causal Inference   Bunting Bunting TM/Data Sci
490 Comparative Economic Systems       Intl
491 Issues in Economic Development       Dev
492 Macroeconomics of Emerging Markets       Intl
493 Economy of Modern China       Intl
496 H-Honors Seminar Griffith     Honors

Field Abbreviation Key:

Dev = Development
DS = Data Science
Fin = Finance Economics
Honors = Economics Honors Program
IO = Industrial Organization
Labor = Labor Economics
Macro = Macroeconomics
Micro = Microeconomics
Nat Res = Natural Resource Economics
Pol Econ = Political Economics
Pub Fin = Public Finance
TM = Theory & Methods

Planning to take ECON courses during the Summer Quarter?

Because Summer Quarter course offerings can be fairly challenging to determine & finalize, we're not able to provide a preview of specific courses that will be available prior to the Summer Session schedule being posted. However, UW ECON does typically target having at least 4-5 ECON 4XX-level courses to offer each Summer Quarter, with A-Term, B-Term, and Full-Term offerings available.