Graduation Celebration FAQs

Who is eligible to participate in the Economics Graduation Celebration?

Students who graduated in August 2015, December 2015, March 2016 or who have applied to graduate in June or August 2016 are eligible to participate.

How do I apply to graduate?

You need to meet with an economics academic adviser to fill out a graduation application. The deadline to submit your application so you can participate in the graduation festivities is Friday, April 15. To make an appointment to complete your application email

How do I know if I have already applied to graduate?

You can check for your graduation date on MyUW If your graduation date is not listed, then you have not applied.

What happens if I show up late to the Econ Graduation Celebration?

If you show up late, sit in the back of the front center section of the ballroom. Be sure to check in and obtain your name card before entering.

How will you know how to pronounce my name?

When you sign up online, there will be a place for you to phonetically spell out your name if the pronunciation is not obvious. This will be put on the name card you will receive upon check-in. We want to make sure we pronounce everyone’s name correctly.

Can I sit next to my friends at the ceremony?

Yes, you may sit next to your friends. Just be sure to sit in the front center section of the ballroom (in front of the stage).

Will I receive my diploma at the ceremony/celebration?

No. The UW will mail diplomas 3-4 months after students have officially graduated. At the Economics Graduation Celebration, you will receive a congratulatory certificate from the Department.