RTW Assessment Information

Students applying to either the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science major in Economics are required to complete the Reading comprehension, critical Thinking, Writing skills assessment (RTW). Here are some frequently asked questions:

Students applying to switch from the Bachelor of Arts to the Bachelor of Science do not need to retake the RTW.

Registration for the Spring 2018 RTW is will be open in late February or early March. We can notify you as soon as we receive confirmation of exam dates/details. Sign up to be notified! ("You Need Permission" error? Open in "incognito/private" browsing window & use your @uw.edu login info. Click here to resolve.)

When to take the RTW:

For those applying spring 2014 or later:

  • Your first application to the Economics major should correspond to your first RTW attempt.
    • For example: For students applying in the Spring admissions cycle, the Spring RTW should be completed. A student may complete a Winter RTW in preparation for the Spring admission cycle. However, if a student completes the Winter RTW and Spring RTW, then only the first attempt will be considered with the first application.
  • If you cannot physically be in the Seattle area to take the RTW (e.g. study abroad, internship out of area, pause quarter, etc), you may take it one quarter early if you submit verification of your situation with your application.  For instance, if you are studying abroad, please submit proof of registration abroad, if you are completing an internship outside of Seattle, submit documentation from your supervisor, or if you are taking a pause quarter, submit a verification letter from your ISS advisor).  This will only be accommodated in unique circumstances.
  • If your application to the major has previously been denied, you can choose to either take the RTW again and use the new score, or keep your current RTW score from your most recent application.

Note: Students who fail to check in and present their ID before the start of the exam will have their exam automatically voided - no exception or petition.  Cell phones must be turned off when entering the room.  If your phone rings during the exam, and it is found, your RTW test may be voided.  

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