Student Payrates

Hourly Student Payrates

In the Department of Economics, hourly payrates are assigned based upon status and responsibility.

Undergraduate Student Hourlies are paid based upon duties, experience and specialized knowledge as defined by the supervisor. Undergraduates are generally paid within the Current Student Pay Schedule established by UW Human Resources. Occasionally, undergraduates are paid at higher rates, with an exception to pay approval, based upon very high level of professional experience and assigned duties that require such high level skills.

Graduate Student Service Appointment Payroll Levels

See the UW Graduate School website for current payrates associated with these occupation codes and titles. Regular 50% salaried positions with tuition waivers and health insurance are paid under “Schedule 1″ rates. Part-time or short-term employees hired for less than 50% time for the quarter are paid under the “Schedule 2″ rates for comparable status and duties. “Schedule 2″ rates include a supplement to partially offset the ineligibility of such appointments for a tuition waiver.

Occupation Code Title Academic Status, or
Increased Responsibility
  • “Schedule 1″
    • 0817, 0847, 0857
  • “Schedule 2″ (under 50%)
    • 0820, 0850, 0840
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Staff Assistant
  • Premasters (UW)
  • all entering graduate students without a MS in Economics
  • qualifying exams and coursework not completed
  • “Schedule 1″
    • 0816, 0846, 0856
  • “Schedule 2″ (under 50%)
    • 0819, 0849, 0839
  • PreDoc Teaching Associate 1
  • PreDoc Research Associate 1
  • PreDoc Staff Associate 1
  • Intermediate (UW)
  • student has passed core exams, field exams and coursework requirements, OR
  • Has a MS Economics
  • student is assigned to 500-level quiz sections
  • “Schedule 1″
    • 0815, 0845, 0855
  • “Schedule 2″ (under 50%)
    • 0818, 0848, 0838
  • PreDoc Teaching Associate 2
  • PreDoc Research Associate 2
  • PreDoc Staff Associate 2
  • Candidate (UW)
  • student has passed core and field exams, coursework, and General Exam, OR
  • student has NOT passed but IS
    teaching an independent 200 or 300 level course
    or is the sole TA in a large lecture class
  • “Schedule 1″
    • 0805
  • “Schedule 2″ (under 50%)
    • 0805
PreDoc Lecturer
  • Has passed Generals
  • Student is teaching an independent 400 Level course

All entering graduate students (Masters or Ph.D.) enter the same program as premasters, unless they enter with a Master's degree in Economics.

All take core courses, and all intending to pursue the Ph.D. take the field exams. Core exam results determine eligibility to proceed with Ph.D. requirements.

Pass Core Exams

  • Complete all coursework (still Premasters)
  • Pass Field Exams (now Intermediate)
    • Prepare research topic
    • Form a committee
    • Take General Exam
    • Pass General Exam (now Candidate)
    • Pass Final Exam (graduate with Ph.D.)
  • Fail Field Exams (still Premasters)

Fail Core Exams

Generally no longer considered for funding

  • Complete all coursework
  • Complete Approved Internship (graduate with Masters)