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Preliminary Schedule

A Preliminary Schedule for the 2017-2018 Academic Year is available here. This schedule is preliminary and is subject to change at any time without notice. Also, refer to the schedules using the drop down menu above.

The Preliminary Schedule is available around mid-Spring each year for the following year's schedule. Use this resource to help with future course planning.

Add Code Requests Policy

For courses that are full/closed, or if you are a student in an approved major that requires “ECON” courses, please see the Department of Economics Add Code Requests Policy.

Instructor Contact Information

Course Catalog & Time Schedule

  • The UW Course Catalog lists course descriptions, prerequisites, and instructors.
  • The UW Time Schedule lists credit classes offered at the University of Washington – Seattle. It is updated daily and is subject to change. You can get the up-to-the-minute status of any section by clicking on the five-digit Schedule Line Number. Updated quarterly schedules for courses in Economics are also available on the Department of Economics bulletin boards in Savery Hall. 

Course Syllabi

Repeating ECON 300 and/or ECON 301

Students are required to earn a 2.0 in both ECON 300 and 301 to graduate in Economics. If you earn below a 2.0 the first time you take the course, you are permitted to repeat the course(s) one time. If you fail to reach the 2.0 grade the second time you take the course, you will either be dropped from the major if you are already admitted, or you cannot be admitted to the major should you apply.

The University Handbook specifies that an undergraduate student may repeat ECON 300 and/or 301 once each with permission of the department offering the course. Once you have completed this petition, please request an appointment with an adviser by sending an email This petition will not be reviewed during drop-in advising hours. Thank you.

  • Download the Course Repeat Petition Form to repeat ECON 300 and/or 301.
  • For students who have earned a 2.0 grade (or above) and wish to repeat the course, please send an email explaining your circumstances to

ECON Special Course Offerings

ECON 399: Economics Internships

For ECON undergraduate students working in an internship, or planning to, ECON 399 is a great way for students to work closely with an ECON faculty member in connecting internship/work experiences with academic learning. Please note, this course does not provide internship opportunities, but rather the possibility of earning academic credit while working in an existing job or internship. See details on how to register.

ECON 499: Independent Research

As the UW is a research institution, being involved with research can really help to enhance a student’s overall education. ECON 499 is designed similarly to an “independent study” course where ECON undergraduate students can either:

  • Assist an ECON faculty member with his/her research; or
  • Initiate an independent research topic under the supervision of an ECON faculty member.

Either way, it is recommended for students to schedule a meeting with interested faculty members regarding the possibilities of undertaking economics research. To register for ECON 499, please have the supervising faculty member email with the student’s name, student number, and number of credits to be supervised.